Friday, August 11, 2006

Going to Work on The Government Assisted PC Programme

Just got the news that, we are going to work on The Government Assisted PC Programme (GAPP) in Ghana. GAPP is an Intel Corporation and Government of Ghana initiative. It is run with Governments worldwide to promote accessibility to PC’s and the Internet. The vision of the programme is to create a knowledge economy, digital inclusion; bridge the digital divide (internal & external), increase access, increase PC and Internet penetration in homes, schools and small and medium enterprises (SME).
The objective of the project is to increase Home ownership and Access to PCs at an affordable rate in Ghana. It also seeks to compliment Internet access, connectivity and enrich local content development.
Novotel, Accra is going to host a day's GAPP workshop on 17TH August 2006 visit my blog for more information

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