Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Vincent Chukwuemeka Ike's The Potter's Wheel

Currently reading Chukwuemeka Ike's The Potter's Wheel
very interesting paper pack written by a prolific Nigeria writer
the story set during the second World War and the only means of modern entertainment was the The Mobile Cinema Van.
the book is very rich is proverbs and a lot of wise words
The main character is Obuechina Maduabuchi ( mouthful) who happened to be the only boy born to his parents Mama Obu( short form of Obuechina) and Papa Lazarus Maduabuchi
among six older sisters. Due to the "value" placed on the male child, he become a totaly spoilt brat, though academically brilliam Obu was growing into a hopelessly spoilt child to reverse this trend, Papa Lazarus decided to send him away as a servant to a schoolmasster with a dragon of a wife
Of course, Obu goes and comes back very different
published by University Press PLC Ibadan Nigeria 1993
email address is unipress AT
though first published by Harvill Press 1973
ISBN 9780302832

" It is because you have not trained him very well that I'm talking about sending him away before he dissolves completely like a bag of salt"

" The dog does not eat the bone chained round its neck"

'John whose face knows no laughter"

" Vultures will eat your meat as thy ate Jezebel's if you continue answering me without putting Ma"

"When the cricket knows the crime is has committed, it dabs whitewash round its eyes"


marjorie said...

i dont knw where 2 get dis book. do u plz knw any website where i can download it plz.

Vincent said...

Can someone tell me where to download this novel?

Phildom Onorime said...

i want the whole book pls how can i get it

Abdu Yahaya Zargina said...

U cnt get it free bro bt i hav d pdf ebook at a low price contact me on 07066635396

Abdu Yahaya Zargina said...

I hav d pdf at a cheap price contact me on 07066635396