Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What is Sematic Web ?

The Semantic Web is an evolution of the World Wide Web which facilitate the ease in finding, sharing and combination of data, information and knowledge enabled by machine processable capability rather than only human oriented processing.

It is a collaborative effort led by W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium the main international standards organisation for the World Wide Web (W3)with participation from a large number of researchers and industrial partners

The Semantic Web provides a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries.
two core characteristics can be stated here
1. common platform for integration and combination of data from varied sources
2. language for recording how data relates to the real world

The Semantic Web is seen as an extension to the existing World Wide Web towards (better) processing of semantically marked-up content through software processes. Machine-readable data is a prerequisite to explore the increasing amount of data on the web and generate added value, by mutually sharing and processing information by automated tools as well as by people.


Speaking at African Institute of Journalism and Communications

I am speaking to the students African Institute of Journalism and Communications on Friday Feb 07 at 12:30pm on the topic : "Online Journalism - Challenges and the Future"
broadly speaking, my presentation would focus on :
1. theory of online journalism and its dynamic contest with grandfather(traditional journalism)
2. would share practical example of online journalism at work
3. conclude with the future of online journalism pointing out some of innovative opportunities while not losing sight of challenges

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Shared calendars as an example of alignment with individual incentives

this article reinforces the need to take the path of least resistance through alignment

it emphasis the urgent need to align work and knowledge management
moving away from the separation of work and KM activities to a situation where KM can take place without the need for additional effort on behalf of individuals

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

McMaster World Congress Conference 2007

The McMaster World Congress is claimed to be the world's largest congregation of Intellectual Capital, Strategic Business Valuation & Corporate Governance experts!

1. 9th World Congress on Intellectual Capital and Innovation
2. 4th World Congress on Corporate Governance
3. 1st World Congress on Strategic Business Valuation

This event will take place from January 24th-26th, 2007 at the Hamilton Convention, Ontario, Canada

Friday, January 19, 2007

learn, unlearn and relearn

Alvin Toffler's The Third Wave:
"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read
and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn"

Friday, January 12, 2007


Kwami Ahiabenu,II
Found a new search experience called SNAP.
According to "snap website
Snap is an Idealab company located in Pasadena, California, home of Cal Tech, the Rose Bowl, and the Doo Dah parade. We're a small group fighting a big battle to deliver a step-function change in the search experience. Together, we have over 70 years of search experience and way more than 100 years of online marketing and e-commerce experience. We're passionate, committed and are confident enough to think we can make a difference."
So what does Snap offer?
The other way to search(TM)
Snap is saying they think Google, Yahoo, MSN and all the rest of the big search players have settled on the wrong search paradigm: text-in, text-out with slight differences in their ranking methods and index sizes.
Snap claims their new search engine offers a very different alternative to the Big Search, Text-In, Text-Out, method.
Some key features of Snap
Fast Visual Display of Results Previews
Actively Anticipating Your Intent
Direct Interactivity with Your Search Results
Better Relevance through Successful Past Searches
Faster Speed

Would be checking them out and see how they are coping the tough world of web search sorry web snaps

Towards Freedom, ccountability, Transparency and community support Search Engine

Kwami Ahiabenu,II
The internet has 55 billions webpages and growing very rapidly at the speed of light.
Web Search is hard, google is the most popular but even google does not have all pages on the web, though its index is growing
Recently, I got to know that, there is a growing competitive search market with a lot of playing aiming to capture some of this market.

Of course what about an open source search platform.

The founder of wikipedia,Jim Wales has launched aimed at developing a wiki-inspired search engine by community members.It is envisage that the end product would be a people-powered search results powered by an open-source alternative for web search. A new community is talking about this at
, very interesting discussion is going on here


I have written or read about E-commerce but this is the first time, I can across E-commerce and Poverty
Can E-commerce alleviate Poverty, this is the subject of a recent posting at where Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is defined as the use of the internet and web to transact business. More formally, digitally enabled commercial transactions between and among organizations and individuals. Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) has almost overnight become the dominant on-line activity. Equally quickly it has become a significant element in commercial activities globally, particularly in the developed countries where suitable infrastructure support is available. Some types of e-commerce were provided. The article mentioned e-commerce as one of ICT tools and it point that evidence supports that claim that ICT can reduce poverty. E-commerce especially can contribute to wealth creation. Practical examples are given about how E-commerce can reduce poverty but it points out these fruits can be enjoyed only if some enabling conditions are put in place.
It also looks at some threat of E-commerce to local economy.
The paper concludes by saying "In a short space of time, e-commerce has been a stunning technological success. Its business success though has been limited. Nonetheless, e-commerce has implications for the firm and industry value chains, industry structure and global business strategy. It also calls for a multidisciplinary approach.
Questions to do with poverty alleviation and economic growth have to be re-examined in light of these new developments. Development and poverty eradiation are stages that countries go through. The argument has been made that ICTs can help countries leap-frog some of these stages. For, example an economy needs a pool of skill people to be economic agents. Such pool is attained through an educational system design as such. Depending on the skills, it may take 10-20 years to build such pool. Today, with e-learning and its associated technologies, such skills can be attained in half the time. It has also been argued that most of the skills required in the information economy are largely self taught as the pace of change is so quick. Multimedia technology makes it easier for people to learn these skills.

While e-commerce provides the potential to eradicate poverty through income generation, it must be accompanied by a set of factors not least information literacy skills.If these factors are present and small businesses in the poor countries reengineer their processes, the future can only be brighter."

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Is your Email blogable

With a lot of blogs in the cyberspace with different types of content, your email could end up on a blog
Can you prevent this? maybe Not maybe Yes
At least you can make your intentions known by adding to your signature this line
This e-mail is: [ ] blogable [ ] ask first [ ] private

you put an x in blogable is you want your email to end up on the blog
if you want people to ask your permission you go for ask first
lastly for mails you do not want to end up on blogs click on private

Monday, January 08, 2007

Managing Corporate Silos Of Knowledge

Managing organisational silos of knowledge is not one of the easiest thing to do in Knowledge Management but it must be done if you are going to be successful at knowledge management. A recent white paper by EMC Connection provides some interesting insight into Managing Corporate Silos of Knowledge at
Managing Corporate Silos of Knowledge

Instant remover from mailing list via safeunsubscribe

Kwami Ahiabenu,II
In our new digital age, you can not survive without subscribing to a email list or two but some time when you want to leave the list (unsubscribe)it may become a difficult if not impossible largely due to mailing list subscription feature not working or the mailing list owner not allowing you to go.
So for a lot of persons, a guarantee that if the want to unsubscribe they would not be confronted with problems becomes a key requirement for joining mailing lists.
Recently, I saw SafeUnsubscribe™, which is basically a guarantee to offer instant remover from the list when you want to opt out of the list. SafeUnsubscribe™ is part of an offering from
http://constantcontact, which provides email marketing services in general. And you can only use SafeUnsubscribe™ if you purchase purchase constantcontact product, they are currently offering a 60 days free trial, no credit card is required to sign up


adding dynamic news headlines to your website

Kwami Ahiabenu,II
A number of websites especially news websites offers you an opportunity to add free dynamic news headlines to your website. To enable this service, you have to go through some basic steps
First find out a website which offers webfeed
1. fill out a registration form which requires you to provide your email address, the url of website you intended to publish the feed toetc. Information about terms and conditions are also provided here and you are expected to read and accept them
2. you have to configure your dynamic news feed by going through the following steps
a. select news for your feed from the website menu of news, for example, technology news if you only want technology news headlines or combination of news such technology and Internet, for example etc
b. select and customize your news feed layout
c. after going through step a and b, HTML coed would be generated for you
d. get the HTML script by copying it
e. integrate this HTML by usually pasting this HTML to at the back end of your website or blog etc
Automatically, the news headlines would show on your website, this is dynamic so there is no need for any human interventions, the pages would be update constantly at your website

How does this work, one company among others provides the technology
to enable news website place their dynamic content on your site through the process of extraction, filtering and delivery.

see a quick list below of some websites providing free dynamic news headlines

In addition to news headlines which are text based, you can also get video feed to your website by installing a dynamic video player to your site

Bug Me Not

some sites may required you to register before reading their content, the reasons for registration are varied but you can avoid registration while at the same time reading content from these site.
To do this, you can use a service called BugMeNot
According to website, this service enable you to bypass compulsory registration

Sunday, January 07, 2007

daylife : the human- and computer-aggregated news site

With so much news and information available on the web, it's time for a new way to discover the stories that matter to you. We gather stories of all shapes and sizes from countless perspectives around the world, and then present them in a rich browseable landscape, helping you make connections you never knew existed. Our goal is is to aid your journey through the events that shape your world.