Sunday, February 01, 2009

Information and Knowledge Management powered by ICTs

I was privileged to be invited by  the Media Foundation for West Africa  to participate in their  Institutional Capacity Building, Staff Orientation and Re-orientation meeting which took place at  Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm, Sogakofe in January 2009.The theme for the meeting was Building Institutional & Operational Capacity for Enhanced Efficiency and Effectiveness and I shared with the group some thoughts on  Information and Knowledge Management powered by ICTs
The presentation was made up of two parts below :

 Part one

        -          What is Information and Knowledge Management?

-          Internal communication and information sharing

-          Personal Electronic & Data Management

-          Developing an information and knowledge management plan

-          Change management

 Part Two

-          Information and Communication Technologies and KM

-          Word, spreadsheet, outlook (database), folder management)

-         Microsoft vrs Open source  

-          Online tools – Internet, Intranet, web 2.0: online documents and wikis

-          Effective use of LAN

-          Website management – posting, updating and editing content

-          Security and back up


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