Wednesday, July 12, 2006

From Accra to Elimina via Cape Coast

Time is fast approaching for the 3rd Legal information and knowledge management workshop
So today Wednesday 12 July 2006, set off for Elimina at 6.00am sharp
the journey was quite uneventful, it was cool in the morning so was driving at 100km per hour with all my windows open
Traffic getting into Accra was very packed, grateful that I was heading in the opposite direction
Saw a lot of policeman on high way duty but none of them stop me till 15km to Mankesim, I was flagged down by three policeman, apparently they wanted a ride to Mankesim and I gladdly gave them a ride. Apparently, these policeman were on funeral duty that means a dead important person need a police security at his funeral
At 9.ooam arrived in Cape Coast and my first point of call was Cape Coast University, the Computer Science and Information Technology Dept to be precise, had a scheduled meeting with Mr. Daniel Obubi who is the head of dept and Jerry, the man in charge of the computer lab
we had a fruitful meeting at the department, basically we are exploring the possibility of taking Legal KM participants to the computer lab so that they can have hands on experience with some ICTs tools that can enable KM.
I move on to Elimina Beach Resort, the venue of legal KM workshop, unfortunately for me, the world bank was having a workshop on Protected Areas so we have to wait for some to have access to our workshop room
Took advantage of the waiting period to visit the Elimina Beach Resort, Business Centre with about three computers, I was able to plug in my laptop and did some quick work, I found out that on each of the computers in the Business Centre you can send free SMS via the web once you log in as a user. The charge 600 cedis per minute fo r Internet usage

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