Tuesday, July 11, 2006

SMS via Web

I took time off today to play with SMS via the web
it was very cool, had to work on my database and convert it into a CVS which enable me to import it into the SMS databas
thereafter, I was able to compose and send messages out, I am using this tool to remind people to check mails but more importantly since we need to wake up participants coming to our legal KM workshop early in the morning to drive two and half hours to the workshop venue,
hope to use the tool of SMS to wake them up, hope they would not be cross with us about reminding them to woke up
read more about our SMS solution provider SMSGH, or a youthful Ghanaian company with a dedicated team of professionals who develop this product locally, very impressive
During my play time with SMS, customer care from SMSGH was superby. My contact person
Alex was particulary helpful in walking me through the system, though easy to use, you need to learn some few things
Recently, I am also using free SMS via yahoo chat which is also cool but it limited you to our few mobile phone operators but with SMSGH(paid service) I can send personalised SMS to any body with a mobile capable of receiving SMS

SMSGH; the worldwide service that is designed to change the way you or your organisation communicate.
Being a market leader in SMS application solutions, SMSGH introduces SMS/Internet Telephony and Integrated Data Transfer (Text Messaging) on the same platform. This is a first in Africa.
Mobile technologies supported with these applications have inspired new ways of communication amongst individuals and organisations.

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