Monday, January 08, 2007

adding dynamic news headlines to your website

Kwami Ahiabenu,II
A number of websites especially news websites offers you an opportunity to add free dynamic news headlines to your website. To enable this service, you have to go through some basic steps
First find out a website which offers webfeed
1. fill out a registration form which requires you to provide your email address, the url of website you intended to publish the feed toetc. Information about terms and conditions are also provided here and you are expected to read and accept them
2. you have to configure your dynamic news feed by going through the following steps
a. select news for your feed from the website menu of news, for example, technology news if you only want technology news headlines or combination of news such technology and Internet, for example etc
b. select and customize your news feed layout
c. after going through step a and b, HTML coed would be generated for you
d. get the HTML script by copying it
e. integrate this HTML by usually pasting this HTML to at the back end of your website or blog etc
Automatically, the news headlines would show on your website, this is dynamic so there is no need for any human interventions, the pages would be update constantly at your website

How does this work, one company among others provides the technology
to enable news website place their dynamic content on your site through the process of extraction, filtering and delivery.

see a quick list below of some websites providing free dynamic news headlines

In addition to news headlines which are text based, you can also get video feed to your website by installing a dynamic video player to your site

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