Monday, January 08, 2007

Instant remover from mailing list via safeunsubscribe

Kwami Ahiabenu,II
In our new digital age, you can not survive without subscribing to a email list or two but some time when you want to leave the list (unsubscribe)it may become a difficult if not impossible largely due to mailing list subscription feature not working or the mailing list owner not allowing you to go.
So for a lot of persons, a guarantee that if the want to unsubscribe they would not be confronted with problems becomes a key requirement for joining mailing lists.
Recently, I saw SafeUnsubscribe™, which is basically a guarantee to offer instant remover from the list when you want to opt out of the list. SafeUnsubscribe™ is part of an offering from
http://constantcontact, which provides email marketing services in general. And you can only use SafeUnsubscribe™ if you purchase purchase constantcontact product, they are currently offering a 60 days free trial, no credit card is required to sign up


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