Monday, February 19, 2007

Banking Transactional Convergence : A case study of electronic payment systems in Ghana

Kwami Ahiabenu,II

The advent of electronic payment system has led many to predict it will become a predominate means of payment overcoming traditional means of payment as leaders in global payment system. Literature points to the fact that the electronic payment is quite ubiquitous in developed countries but in developing countries such as Ghana this phenomenon is relatively very new. In recent times most financial institutions in Ghana are striving to introduce products and solution that provide means for electronic payments. The study proposes measures that can improve the current payment system on one hand and it also assessed the prospects of introducing electronic payment system in Ghana. Using a questionnaire, the researcher interviewed key stakeholders in the financial sector and analyzed the results using descriptive statistics .The researcher describes the history and development of electronic payment system Ghana. The study found out that the electronic payment services is still not a core business of most financial institutions though attempts are being made to introduce such new electronic payment services. Current challenges and problems facing the development of electronic payment system in Ghana are also examined. Furthermore, the study noted that most financial institutions have not entered into partnership aimed at providing electronic payment services. The study argues that such partnership is very crucial for the success of electronic payment system since participating banks are better positioned to offer universal electronic payment system instead of individual banks working on their own.

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