Thursday, December 13, 2007

3rd regional workshop on Medias and ICT issues in West Africa Opening Ceremony

At opening ceremony

- Diana Senghor- PIWA DIRECTOR
Gave a background to the regional workshop on Medias and ICT issues in West Africa, namely the first and second workshops.
And she mentioned that the third stage of the revolution mirrored by this workshop is the use of technology to tell the west African story by West Africans.
She share with the groups past project by Panos to get radio stations to share content but there was a lot of , especially the challenge of getting radio production to a central pool for distribution. She said by using new technologies today some of the problems can be resolved. In order to ensure West African voices is heard, another project was coverage of major events by journalists from West Africa.
She said new technologies have opened a lot of opportunities, even in less democratic countries, journalists can get their voices heard through new technologies. The current interface of ICTs and Media has lead to the debate about who is a journalists

Challenges that come to mind :
- standards of journalism in the new information Age
- legal issues, respect for basic rights, piracy and intellectual property rights
state regulations, technical issues,
- issue of reaching out to illiterate via new technologies
- lack of access - building bridges between traditional journalist and new media
Concluded by saying she hopes some of the issues raised in her presentation will be discussed and she is looking forward to read recommendations from this workshop

- Ben Akoh, Programme OSIWA listen here

- Representative of the Ministry of Information watch here

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