Tuesday, August 16, 2011


African Elections Project (AEP) is covering Liberian Referendum scheduled for 23rd of August, 2011 under its Liberia elections incidents monitoring system project in strategic partnership with Humanity United (  )

Liberia's referendum has largely been viewed as a giant stride in the country's democracy since the end of the civil war in 2003. A "yes" or "no" to the four (4) proposed constitutional amendments, including whether the country should hold its general elections in October or November during its elections year. 

In addition to its main website AEP is working with the Liberia Media Centre, Ushahidi Liberia and other partners to provide comprehensive report of happenings and events from all the 4,457 polling places spread across the 1,780 voting precincts via an SMS system,  a Call centre  and  the use of social media tools such as twitter, facebook  and  youtube.

In a related pre-referendum activity, AEP has organized a workshop for Liberian journalists, call centre agents and field officers on how to access the use of ICT and the social media in covering elections and ensuring transparency in the whole process.

"We are pleased and proud to be part of such a broad-based effort aimed at entrenching democracy in Liberia. AEP will cover this referendum until the final result are declared and provide a nonpartisan coverage while chronicling any referendum-related violence incidence or irregularities" said Mr. Kwami Ahiabenu II, African Elections Project Team Leader.

" After covering elections in ten countries, African Elections Project is no doubt a ground breaking project providing an important contributory role in deepening democracy and supporting the creation of open societies through capacity building for the media and other key stakeholders, while at the same time providing a unique online elections information and knowledge platform that will eventually provide transparent access to the electoral processes across the continent"Ahiabenu added.

African Elections Project was in established 2008 with the vision of enhancing the ability of journalists, citizen journalists and the news media to provide more timely and relevant elections information and knowledge while undertaking monitoring of specific and important aspects of governance.

For more information contact: , SMS- International: +2336332011, Follow us on twitter: @liberiaelection



Mike Butscher

Monrovia, Liberia                         

Monrovia 16th August 2011

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