Friday, September 15, 2006

Day Two at DCI( Interview with Ethan Zuckerman)

At second day of DCI, I spoke to Ethan Zuckerman on his previous, current work and blogging
Kwami : Tell me last time, I heard about you were at geekcorps , what happen since then?
Ethan: I left in Sept 2004, the reason being geekcorps merger with IESC
after this partnership, IESC Geek Corps wanted to focus on doing business with the US government and USAID. This means a change of direction with more focus on countries such Iraq and Afghanistan. The issues the organisation was tackling was no longer important to me so I move on to The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School and currently working on issues which are important to me.
Kwami : When you were going into the partnership, did you see the risk of drastic changes taking place as mentioned
Ethan : well, we saw the risk but we thought we can do a better work at defending our position when these changes occur.
Kwami : when did you create your first blog ?
Ethan : I created my first blog, shortly after coming to Harvard, early April 2003
Kwami: what was your motivation to start blogging?
Ethan : A colleague at Harvard called David Winer(can assume the title -creator of blogging and viewed as a first blogger sine 1997) he was at Harvard at same time and encourage many of us to take up blogging and I did
Kwami : what was our coolest point in your blogging life?
Ethan: When I met fellow bloggers with whom we have being having conversation virtually and we have something in common the use of the tool of blogging
The coolest ever was at a conference in Jordan, when I met a whole bunch of bloggers f2f
Kwami : what about your lowest points?
When I get some thing wrong, either mischaracerisation or misrespresent some one. Some times, miscommunication happen especially when some one leaves a comments at my blog, I could not fully interpreted.
Kwami : How is the next ten years going to look like in the blogging space?
Ethan: I believe we are going to see more audio and video blogging. The current phase when text dominates blogging would be over giving way to video blogging generation. It is going to be pretty exciting, seeing more video and audio blogging
Kwami : what is your take on traditional journalists space vrs citizens journalist space
Ethan : My simple response is that in the future, we are goin to see more people commiting acts of journalism and at that momment they are pracitising journalism
Kwami : Any threat to blogging space?
Ethan : Radio is a very important tool in most Africa countries but remember it was use as tool in the genocide in Rwandan. My point is that any tool can be use for good and bad. But we must be scare about it because it can be used for bad things rather we use it for good
Kwami : what is good ?
Ethan: open to the motion that we can trust people to make intelligence choices, leading to good.


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