Friday, September 15, 2006

Interview with Award winning Journalist Remmy Nweke on use of blogging in journalism

Kwami: when did you first create your blog?
Remmy: I started blogging after the WSIS preparatory Conference in Accra.

Kwami : why create a blog?
Remmy : I have this particular need : the ability access to my previous articles electronically online unfortunately, my newspaper does not have an electronic archival system. I saw creating a blog a free way of having my own electronic archival of my past articles

Kwami : This is a cool solution, when do you post stories to your blog?
Remmy: I usually post stories to my blog after my publication in our newspaper. In this way, I post all articles I have ever written since then.

Kwami : what other applications do you put blog to?
Remmy: I use content in my blog as background to articles which are similar plus recently I made use of my blog archival in my course work at school


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