Thursday, September 14, 2006

Editors Forum at DCI

forgive me, I am not structuring my blogging well today
hope do not feel disjointed when reading it
Chris Roper & Byran Porter(, Juanita Williams (IOL) and Ray Hartley
Ray from the Sunday Times of South said that we need to we are still at the begining of blogging movement.
what are the characteristics of the new media environment
according to Ray, multiprocessing is crucial
secondly, the attention span of most audience are now very short
half of what is know today was not know 10 yrs ago
INFORMATION NAVIGATION is a new literacy which required beyond text and image navigation literacy
i find the concept of information navigation interesting, becuase in our current state of so called information overload, you can not survive if you do not have this literacy
related to this is the ECONOMIC OF ATTENTION ( Richard A Lanham) i believe here we are talking about how the end user negotiates the information supply and demand landmine
in this new environment, people tend to think quickly about an object or person and move on
and this quick decision is based on instincts and immediate association
THIN SLICING - make sense of something quickly and move on
Juanita Williams ( IOL) said she was at the conference to share ideas and learn
as a blogger for IOL with a strong journalism background she sometime ask her self when she is blogging, she is doing this as a journalist, in this sense she must be objective or she can spice her blog with her own opinion and viewpoint of the conference
Chris Roper and Bryan Porter
said, the are using weblog to help reach out to their audience by engaging them in a conversation by so doing, audience contribute content to theri website
mention was made of braaispace ( social networking)
a note of caution was raised during contributions about maintaining a balance between conversation and control, especially when bloggers contribute content to traditional media
are they letting their control go?
are the traditional media setting the agenda or it is the blogger leading the way

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